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  • Where are you based and do you travel for work?
    I'm based in the Gold Coast Hinterland and am available to work around Australia and the world.
  • What type of work do you shoot?
    Check out my portfolio! I'm open and adaptable to almost all categories of content creation. My main work is in outdoor adventure and commercial content, but I have worked in many different environments with varying styles from: Filming the Prime Minister, Paul Kelly and Vera Blue in radio station studios, Documenting a charity bike ride from London to Paris, directing and producing a kids surf lifesaving film featured on Virgin Australia's In-flight Entertainment, Filming on cattle stations and banana farms in central and northern Queensland, Climbing mountains and driving on beaches to capture outdoor product content, Photographing backstage with world-renowned bands and DJ's, Filming in manufacturing plants and passenger ferries in Indonesia
  • How do you differ to other videographers or photographers?
    Experience and Background. I have been a filmmaker and photographer for 7 years, starting off in Canada in 2016. I bring a unique background in business having studied a 5-year Business (International Business) / Bachelor Laws (QUT) double degree at uni after school. I then practiced in a Procurement role for a global FMCG organisation, which gives me a unique and in depth understanding of businesses and what they need. From my client's perspective, I believe it makes their life easier throughout the creative production process with results that are effective and have a strong ROI. Creative Eye. I first picked up my Dad's camcorder during high school where I discovered an interest in recording fun moments and stashing memories. I believe it's important for a creator to be able to visualise how a video will flow and what it will look like, in addition to what is needed to bring it into being, and find that comes quite naturally for me. I also enjoy challenging myself to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. Communication and Reliability. I've heard the stories of creatives being aloof, unresponsive and just not turning up. You don't need too be worried about that, I'm a professional.
  • Do you have a team/crew?
    I often shoot solo, but have a great network of close and reliable subcontractor creatives who I bring into projects when needed, depending on the scale and requirements of the project. Around 1/3 of my work involves bringing in extra hands to help, so that my client's receive more value for money and we can cover more ground on a shoot. Often it's necessary when video and stills are involved, interviews, multi-cam and drone content on the same project. I am the main point of contact and manage the crew so there's no extra work for the client.
  • We know we need better content, but don't know where to start. What's your process?
    No problem, I have worked with a range of people from those who rely entirely on my creative direction, through to agencies and clients who provide full briefs, storyboards, scripts and shot lists. My job is to bring your vision to life in production and post production, but I am always happy to help with ideas, location scouting and creative direction when needed.
  • What about pricing?
    As you can imagine, all creative projects differ greatly. I generally charge a shoot rate for either a half day or full day, with post production editing charged separately depending on the amount of content and complexity. Get in touch and we can talk about your vision!
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