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I launched Risen Film while living in British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by surroundings of immense natural beauty including the Rocky Mountains, turquoise lakes, snow-capped pine trees and the contrasting seasons. Landscape and travel content is a canvas for me to combine passion and work.

Originally starting out with a drone in 2016, it wasn't long before I combined handheld cameras with the aerial visuals to tell more comprehensive stories. As a self-taught travel and landscape filmmaker and photographer, my work is intuitive and unique.

I am grateful to combine my love for travel and content production, having worked commercially in England, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

Scenic Rim Videographer

Tamborine Mountain Photographer

Hiking Content Creator

Landscape Content Creator

Travel Content Creator Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

Travel Content Creator Gold Coast Sydney Melbourne

Travel Photographer Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

Travel Photographer Gold Coast

Travel Videographer Brisbane 

Travel Videographer Gold Coast Sydney Melbourne

Tourism Content Creator

Landscape Photographer

Scenic Rim Photographer

Tamborine Mountain Photographer

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Shot for Sony Ambassador Jason Charles Hill. Filmed by: Jason Charles Hill and Shannon Johnston. Edited by: Shannon Johnston.
Moody rainforest car photo | Risen Film


'Take Me Outdoors' - A Landscape Showreel. Filmed and edited by: Shannon Johnston.
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